1. Please consider donating $25 to our Suicide Prevention project. For every $25 on November 4th (Today), we will give you two gifts from our gifting suite: https://www.vettys.org/giftingsuite. 


2. If you donate $1000 we will give you the following for the 8th Annual Veterans Awards to be held on November 11, 2022: 


10 VIP Seating

10 Red Carpet Access

10 Access badges to the VIP Level

Passed Hors d'Oeuvres

Wine or champagne open bar

10 tickets to access to the Vettys Ball (the official afterparty)

10 Dinner with VIP Seating 


Changing the way the world views mental health.

Through  partnership with the most influential and dedicated members of our global community, we will shatter the stigma. 

For more information please visit: UNEXPECTED VOICES

Help us raise $5000 for the week. This is crucial to the execution of our mission and the success of our Veterans Day campaign. 

We have two months until the 7th Annual Veterans Awards. Our public service announcement campaign is to be launched on November 11th (Veterans Day) for our suicide prevention project.