How do I know how many tickets I have?


All guests of the 7th Vettys are required to complete a “Guest Submission” form. 


This form can be obtained under the form section.


Due to a very, long pandemic, guests transferring tickets, and all the movements & inconsistencies, we would like to be sure that there are no discrepancies with respect to your ticket count. 

Therefore, all guests who are planning on attending the seventh Vettys are required to submit this form so we can cross reference our information with theirs. 


I would like to upgrade my tickets; how can I do that? 


Please visit the forms section, and click on the “Ticket Upgrade” form. The form will provide you with various options. 


I would like to transfer my tickets. How can I do that? 


Please go to the forms section. Click on the “Guest Submission” form and state your request. 

What happens to my tickets if I am unable to attend the new date of the 7th Vettys? 

Your tickets will be credited to your member account to be utilized at a later date for another AUSV event. However, you must submit a new RSVP form to let us know that you will not be joining us on April 23rd. The new RSVP form can be found on our confirmation guest portal

Can I get a refund for my hotel rooms if I am unable to make it to the 7th Vettys on the new date?

Yes. Please be sure to submit a new RSVP form and in the notes section, please indicate you had hotels rooms that you would like to cancel and for which receive refund. We will then re-sell your rooms so we won't lose our count for the discount we are receiving and will refund your hotel. However, if your rooms do not sell within the first week of your request, AUSV will provide you with a refund directly and will try to re-sell your rooms as we get closer to the event. 

How can I obtain additional tickets to the 7th Annual Veterans Awards? 

Tickets can be obtained at: https://www.vettys.org/7thvettys


When is the Honorees Reception? 

The Honorees Reception takes place the night before the 7th Annual Veterans Awards on April 22, 2022 at 8PM. The location of the reception will be provided closer to the event as the hotel must provide us with that information. 

What is the Honorees Reception? 

All honorees came together to honor one another and unveil the statuettes of the 7th Annual Veterans Awards. Honorees certificates will also be presented to all contenders. 

Who can go to the Honorees Reception?

All honorees receive two complimentary tickets to the reception. We can accommodate 30 additional guests to maintain an intimate environment. You can secure a ticket to the Honorees Reception by donating $50 to our Unexpected Voices campaign. To secure your tickets please click below: 



I have purchased a package that I would like to book. How do I go about that? 


Visit the "forms" page by clicking on the red button above for "forms." Choose member request form and submit your request to redeem your package. 


Can I use my flight at a different time than my other benefits within the same package? 


Yes.  In fact, you must use the "Passenger Submission" form to book your flight. However, in order to gain access to other benefits, you must submit a direct request to assal.ravandi@ausvfoundation.org


Can I gift any member benefits to someone else? 

Yes. Please go to the forms section and choose the “Member Submission" form. Complete the form and state your request.


I donated for a flight. How do I book my flight?


Please go to the forms section and choose the “Passenger Submission” form. Submit the form at least 30 days prior to your departure. 


Are there any blackout dates for the flights secured through AUSV? 


There are no blackout dates as long as you are booking within the restricted time for which tickets were offered. 


I have submitted the “Passenger Request” form for the 7th Vettys, when will my flight be booked? 


Your flight will be booked according to your requested date after the New Year. Confirmations begin to hit everyone’s emails between January 2nd and January 8th.


Can I choose a specific flight? 


Unfortunately, the sponsored flights are available based on certain flight criteria. The AUSVs team submits the dates, and options will be provided to us. Such options are the only flights available to us. We must choose from options provided. 


Can I choose a timeframe for my flight? 


Our “Passenger Submission” form asks for your preferred flight timeline. However, please be advised that while we will try to book according to the time you requested, we are not always provided with much flexibility. 


I didn’t realize I had to submit my flight at least 30 days prior to the travel date. Can I still book my flight? 


We are unable to book flights if they were requested less than 30 days prior to departure. 


I donated for flights. However, I did not have any travel plans during the restricted window. Can I transfer to another window in 2022? 


We will do everything we can to ensure that happens. Please go to the forms section and select the “Member Request” form. Complete the form and state your request. 


Can I donate my tickets to someone else?




Please go to the forms section and select the “Member Request” form. Complete the form and state your request. Please be sure to include the name, contact information and details of the person to whom you will transfer your flight. 


What is AUSV's process for previously secured benefits? 

This time range is how long it is taking AUSV to process your benefits redemption requests. 


We generally process benefits in the order of travel dates. 


Please be advised that one of the benefits of receiving these member incentives is that you will be able to obtain packages for 50% to 70% below the market price. The other benefit is that they are guaranteed no matter what happens on our end. Lastly, we will make all the arrangements for you. 


Therefore, while we try to accommodate your choices in hotels and airlines, sometimes it may be out of our hands, unfortunately. It may be a little challenging to choose a specific hotel, and sometimes your hometown may not be compatible with the airline you picked. But it is our very intention to provide you with everything we can. Everything we receive and can do belongs to you. We serve our members and the community. Please know that we will be sure to communicate with you if you have more than one option to choose from in some cases. 


We do not deal with individual hotels, airlines, restaurants, etc. 


We deal with the corporate side in most cases. Not all cases, but most cases. So, we must go through different steps for booking, authorization, promotion, and confirmation. 


Once you submit your request to redeem your benefits, rest assured that we will book your travel. However, when dealing with third parties, we need to be very careful so that we won't lose our incentives.