Is there a difference between Vettys Inaugural Ball and Mystery Inaugural Ball? 

Both balls are hosted by the Academy of United States Veterans with two different themes at the Ritz Carlton Pentagon City. Mystery Inaugural Ball will be a mask ball. Vettys Inaugural Ball will hold a unity theme. The two events are separated within the Ritz complex. A diagram and details of how to get to each event will be distributed prior to January 10th. 


What about Covid-19 restrictions?

The hotel management has assisted us to create separate celebration areas for groups of 10. While the rooms are connected, the law requires us to create the barriers. Of course, the public areas are what they are, which are not under scrutiny.

Please be advised that while we are making this gathering compliant with the current restrictions, if the rules change for the better, we will adjust accordingly. 


Will there be a red carpet?

The red carpet along with heaters and branding will be set up outside of the hotel for both balls. Last two inaugurations we have had more than 35 members of the press in attendance. However, this year, members of the media will not be allowed to come inside. We will credential the press to cover the event on the red carpet only. 


Where do we pick up our tickets? 

We will have an office at the Ritz Carlton to distribute tickets and handle our operations on site. All such information will also be provided to you after the New Year. Tickets for both events for those who have confirmed tickets will be made available at the Ritz Carlton starting January 18, 2021. 


Are there rooms available at the Ritz Carlton?

We still have a limited number of travel packages available for our guests only. We have had some incidents that individuals were purchasing travel packages online without tickets to our Inaugural Ball. Therefore, in order to preserve the packages for our guests, we have taken them off our site. But if you are interested in hotel and transportation packages please contact our Director of Public Relations and External Affairs, Katie Katz at katie@vettys.org